Our Story

We worked together at the Good Men Project, then met as speakers at Michael Kimmel’s Global Conference on Masculinities.

One day we got on the phone just to catch up and we came up with this idea… there could be a positive, Healthy Masculinity movement like there has been a Positive Psychology movement. Voila! 

What is Healthy Masculinity?

Healthy masculinity requires a good match between an individual’s version of masculinity and the environment they find themselves in. It facilitates growth throughout the individual’s lifetime, engagement with the full range of human abilities and emotions, and appreciation of men’s current and past roles in their family, community, and society. As such, healthy masculinity is both a process and an outcome that helps boys and men understand who they are, how they’ve shaped themselves, and how they’ve been shaped by societal and biological forces, as well as what their society expects of them, how that society has shaped them, and how they can shape their society.


Offering Guidance to the Guides

The Healthy Masculinity field is young, but growing quickly. We want to offer a rigorous gold standard in training for counselors, therapists, coaches, teachers, and mentors who want to understand and practice healthy masculinity.



Verified Expertise

A combined 40 years of experience in both the academic and practical application of Healthy Masculinity across individual and organizational needs. We literally wrote the books on Healthy Masculinity.



Trauma Informed

The work of Healthy Masculinity demands understanding of trauma and its effects on individuals and our society. Everything we create starts with setting a safe container and establishing a path toward well-being.


We Practice What We Preach

We each lead or participate in a weekly men’s group, and actively practice the habits of healthy masculinity in our personal development, relationships, and communities.


Dale Thomas Vaughn, MA

Co-Founder of the Better Man Conference
Sr. Editor and Director at the Good Men Project
Dale has led more than 300 workshops on masculinity at places like Stanford, Unilever, PwC, and Ancestry.com. He has been featured as an expert on masculinity on BBC World, CNN, and in the award-winning documentary NEVERTHELESS.
His TEDx talk is “How Great Men Think Alike”
He is the author of The Good Life Plan for Men

Dale started as an activist in high school and college by working at domestic violence shelters in Texas.

Andrew Smiler, PhD

Andrew Smiler, PhD, is an author and licensed therapist with expertise in adolescent boys, men, and masculinity. He is the author of the award winning “Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy,” and co-author of “The Masculine Self,” with renowned researcher Chris Kilmartin.

Dr. Smiler’s approach to therapy is illustrated in the training video “Building a Therapeutic Alliance with Adolescent Boys.” He also wrote “Challenging Casanova: Beyond the stereotype of the promiscuous young male.”